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I am currently a stay-at-home Mom with five little ones.  During naps, I am a freelance product and surface designer.  I earned my degree in Fashion Design, but a fluke application to a local housewares design company changed my path forever.  It became abundantly clear that housewares and tabletop design was my passion.  Not only did I enjoy the analytical challenge of factory spec’ing, but I was also able to hone my illustration skills and exercise my creativity through the design process.


After the design company was forced to close its doors, I had the unique opportunity to teach at my Alma Mater, in the University of North Texas Fashion Department, with the instructors who had taught me so well.  I taught the digital patternmaking and Photoshop/Illustrator classes to the fashion students for 2 years, plus a semester teaching hand Illustration.


For the past six years, I have done freelance work (as I could, with small children) picking up random graphic design projects and doing fairly consistent work for a local housewares retailer.  I completed textile design classes from Pattern Observer and am very excited to expand my scope to include textiles and someday, 3D rendering.  All in all, I feel grateful to be in an industry that is as much about creativity as it is function.

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